Lucy Hale will release her country music debut, 'Road Between,' on June 3, which was advanced by her debut single, the ebullient, uptempo 'You Sound Good to Me.' The singer and 'Pretty Little Liars' beauty has now shared the album's title track, which is a much more contemplative ballad.

From what we've heard so far, ahead of the album's release, Hale's music is firmly country-pop, not too different from that of Taylor Swift. But there is also a real sweetness and a storytelling vibe, which the country genre is built upon, on 'Road Between.' It's really hard not to develop a raging crush on the song, since it's so immediate and intimate.

Hale is by no means a belter in terms of her voice, but there is a softness and a warmth to her tone. She is able to reel you in with those qualities, since she is not a super technical diva. There is nothing wrong with preferring or desiring a voice that isn't soaring.

The song also explores the notion of trying to figure life out ... while living and navigating the twists and turns of the road of, well, life. It's a song that all of the diehard 'PLL' fans can surely relate to. So can younger country fans that dig the aforementioned Swift.

Alright, enough jabber-jawing. Take a listen to 'Road Between' by Lucy Hale!