Rapper M.I.A. has been dropping a slew of remixes this past week for her latest single ‘Bad Girls,’ which will all appear on her ‘Bad Girls — The Remixes’ EP (due out on July 3). M.I.A.’s newest remix was crafted by Danja’s production company N.A.R.S. and it features Missy Elliott and Azealia Banks — two ladies who know how to spit lyrical hot fire.

The remix is a dub-step flip of the original bass-heavy version with its video-game blips, synths and fuzzbox distortion. The impressive thing about the song are Missy and Banks’ fiery rhymes, which shows how lyrical adept they are on the mic.

They call me Missy Miss / Bad B—- / No, I’m not like the average / Don’t you ever try to come for me / You’ll get smashed just like ham sandwiches,” raps Missy.

Meanwhile, Banks shuts it down with her rapid-fire verses, scorching haters in her wake. “You take orders like a chicken sauté / Tarter sauce on a fried fish I ate / B—-es trying to s— on my s— / B—-s trying to Diddy my Mase,” she spits.

The song is an excellent showmanship of lyricism and female solidarity. Who runs the world? Bad girls, of course.

Listen to M.I.A., ‘Bad Girls’ (N.A.R.S. Remix) [Featuring Missy Elliott and Azealia Banks]

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