Madonna‘s daughter Lourdes has been photographed smoking. The 15-year-old is certainly under the watchful eye of her mother, so if Madge wasn’t already aware of the teen’s dirty habit, the photographic evidence is out there and has spread like wildfire across media outlets. Can you imagine how that conversation will go?

Madonna: I saw a picture of you smoking in public.

Lourdes: Yeah, so? You smoke in the ‘Girl Gone Wild‘ video.

Match point to Lourdes there, right?

Well, the teen is not of legal age, so she shouldn’t be smoking to begin with since it’s against the law. It’s also bad for your health, especially when you are young and still growing. Lourdes is way too pretty to be doing something that causes wrinkles, makes your teeth yellow and causes your clothes and your hail to smell terrible.

We have a sneaking suspicion that Madonna will not be psyched about the fact that her daughter smokes or that photos of her doing so have surfaced — despite setting a contradictory example.