We don’t have to wait until tomorrow’s ‘Nightline’ to find out whether or not Madonna approves of Lady Gaga, the successor to her pop diva throne. Madge broke her silence about the Mother Monster  in her pre-taped appearance on ‘The Graham Norton Show,’ which was filmed today (Jan. 11). So what is Madonna’s take on Gaga?

It’s actually positive and complimentary — no claws out, just paws up. Madge called Gaga “cool” and “talented” but perhaps the most grand compliment she paid the Mother Monster was this: “She did remind me of me back in the day.”

Both pop divas are blond, Italian and scratched and clawed their way out of New York City into the stratosphere with their look, image and musical talent. For Madge to say Gaga reminds her of herself is a huge accolade. We bet Gaga was brought to tears when she heard about Madonna’s words!

Capital FM reports that Madge said, “When I first saw her I was really impressed by her and she was cool.” She also said, “I do think she is very talented.”

So, we know that Madonna has praise for Gaga — but we’ll still tune in to ‘Nightline’ tomorrow night to hear more. If you are like us and want to catch the full interview, the show airs on ABC at 11:35 EST.