Video games are usually to blame for inciting violence but no one ever mentions the violence that card games often cause.

A 38-year-old Wisconsin man apparently went berserk during a game of Cards Against Humanity last Tuesday night, smashing beer bottles, a lamp, a wine bottle and throwing around chairs while the other players ran in terror, locking themselves in the bedroom and calling 911.

Cops came and collected the very drunk man without incident but he become uncooperative at the station, eventually being ticketed for disorderly conduct. Afterwards he apparently walked back to the house where the whole ordeal began and tried to get back inside to get his belongings, prompting another call to police.

What set this man off this way? Someone made a joke about pedophilia and he took offense.

In case you’re not familiar with Cards Against Humanity, it’s pretty much a ripoff of Apples to Apples, where a player picks a question card and the other players have to play a card that fits it. While  you can make a few out-of-place awful jokes with Apples to Apples (we’ve had luck with the Anne Frank card) in Cards Against Humanity the cards are tailor-made for awful, offensive jokes. For example, cards include Auchwitz, Smegma, The Heart of a Child, Fancy Feast, A Windmill Full of Corpses, and Keanu Reeves. The game’s a blast if you have a disturbed sense of humor, and you can see more examples at the site.

Best part of this news? The crazed man apparently had just lost an election bid for the local County Board.

We bet you the creators of the game were thrilled with this news, as it’s like a horror film director hearing that someone had a heart attack during one of their films – proof that it works.

[Via River Falls Journal]