Honesty is the best policy, right?

Kyle Osborn may not be so quick to agree with you.

Osborn recently returned $1,200 in cash he found in an envelope in Harrisonville, Missouri to its owner, only to have the owner question whether all the money was there.

Osborn, 29, is a tatted up auto detail shop owner with a scraggly beard who recently found the money while in Sutherlands Hardware Store. Sure, he could’ve kept the money for himself, but he decided to be a Good Samaritan by hunting down the person who lost the envelope, instead.

He finally found the man in the store and what took place next is surprising:

A guy realized his dad had an envelope.  He said my father had some.  We go up and ask him if he lost anything and he looked around his pockets and realized he did. I reached in my pocket and handed it to him.  He looked at me and he said, 'I hope it's all there.'"


Osborn said he was shocked and walked away, trying to shrug off the lack of gratitude and borderline accusation of theft. After he posted the story on his Facebook page, word spread and people at Sutherlands got wind of what took place.

To show that, yes, honesty is indeed the best policy, Sutherlands rewarded Osborn for his actions, giving him a basket of items, as well as a $50 gift card as a thank you.

Osborn took it all in stride, saying, “I think older people just tend to observe people the way they look and not who they are. Just because someone with a beard, tattoos and dirty doesn't mean they are bad people.”