Mariah Carey offered exciting and concrete new information about her 14th album 'The Art of Letting Go' only a few days after sharing details about the album's delay and her arm injury. Her new single, which is the album's title track, has a release date. Can we get a "Yay?"

Mimi will drop her new single 'The Art of Letting Go' via Facebook on Nov. 11.

The singer and mother of Dem Babies shared the good news with her little lambs on Facebook. The diva is certainly employing a modern way to release her new single and we applaud her for it.

Now, before you read her post below, we command you to grab a Sharpie – red is preferred. Draw a big, huge heart around Nov. 11 on your calendar to remind yourself that the diva's voice will fill your ears in just under a month.

Below is Mariah's update about the personal nature of the song. She sounds super duper stoked to unleash it on the world.