Kissing and telling is no big deal for Meghan Trainor.

On last night's (May 9) Watch What Happens Live episode, host Andy Cohen asked if Trainor and Charlie Puth — who famously made out during a 2015 American Music Awards performance — ever followed suit offstage. Trainor insists she and Puth are just pals in the clip above, but says there was at least one other instance when they let sparks fly.

"The night we recorded 'Marvin Gaye' I ordered a bottle of Goose, 'cause he needed to loosen up because he was recording all tight," she says. "And then there might have been a drunk make-out, but that was it, honestly." A LIKELY STORY, M-TRAIN.

On a more serious note, Trainor reiterated her guilt about watching Jennifer Lopez get Twitter-reamed upon releasing "Ain't Your Mama," a song written by Trainor and produced by Kesha's alleged rapist Dr. Luke. So would Trainor work with Dr. Luke again, considering the accusations that have been hurled his way?

"I don't know," she offers meekly. "Whatever happened, I don't know, and I'm good friends with Kesha...I want her to put out new music and I think whatever happened is unfair. The whole thing is tragic."

Watch more from Trainor's WWHL appearance here, including more on why she had her video for "Me Too" yanked from Vevo, and tell us what you think of her answers.

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