So this weekend some friends and I decided to go out and dress up.  I decided to make my own costume, I wanted to go as the Bride of Chucky, I had the boots, the leather, and the makeup all I needed was a wedding dress!I had the hardest time finding a wedding gown within a decent rice range. I checked EVERYWHERE, from thrift stores, consignment shops, to craigslist, no luck.  Then my cousin called me! She had one she didn't mind giving up to my costume cause!

So I decided to take some scissors and cut it up! Do you know how hard it is to cut up a wedding dress?  SO Many. Layers.  It was insane.  No wonder they charge so much to get dresses altered.

Anyways I thought I'd share my costume with you! I was so proud of it!!

I used to always buy my costumes, but now there's something about making your own that gives you such a sense of accomplishment.


What are you doing for Halloween this year?!  Did you make your costume?