So we all have photos that may or may not have gone over so well, luckily sometimes these photos end up in yearbooks so that way people will forever remember the awkward years that we call Junior High.

I happened to find my old Junior High year book and I’m so glad it could bring back these memories! Junior high was just an awkward time in my life (and I’m pretty sure everyone’s lives are awkward during that time anyway) girls are just starting to grow, and boys haven’t hit puberty yet, so the girls are taller than the guys and everyone’s trying to grow up, but you’re still a kids.  Like if you were like me, the freedom I got in junior high was my mom taking me and my friends to the mall, and I was allowed to walk around with my friends and not have to go into the stores with my mom, (but she was at the mall shopping the whole time) craziness I know!

In Junior High I was very tomboy, I didn’t ever wear anything besides jeans and t-shirts, and I didn’t even know what make up was (so we can just forget me doing anything with my eyebrows), and my form of “jewelry” was a cool shark tooth necklace.

So thanks to all that we now have this gem!

Melissa Awesome/KISS FM

For comparison here's me today:

Luckily though, we eventually grow out of it.  But thank goodness for pictures to always remind us of the better times! And yes, that is me circa 2004

Do you have an awful yearbook pic? Send it my way! We can laugh our pain away together!