My father always said, "There's nothing you can't fix with a roll of duct tape and a can of WD40."

With that in mind, anyone who has ever sat through a meeting with me or visited me at my desk knows that I alway carry with me my trusty Nalgene bottle full of water. what they might also notice is that wrapped around said bottle is about 1/8 of a roll of duct tape... If you are a man, it will make perfect sense why I feel the need to have duct tape handy at ALL times. No explanation necessary, right?

Tom McCarthy, Townsquare Media

My wife, who has apparently never given much notice to my beverage container, caught a glimpse of of it the other day and asked me, "Why do you have duct tape wrapped around your bottle?!"

I replied, "Haven't you ever said to yourself, 'Gosh, I wish I had some duct tape right now?'"

The look on her face would imply that I had asked her if she had ever wanted to eat broccoli-flavored jello.


This made me start to reflect on some of the differences between men and women. Obviously, no man would ever question the need for duct tape or WD40, and no woman would ever have to explain the need for 14 handbags, while a man is content with a single wallet.

Comment below and share some other differences between men and women!

ps. Not five minutes after this exchange with my wife, a friend had a legitimate need for duct tape. Guess who was there, ready to save the day...