Power Rangers was built on a solid foundation of camp, originally intercutting footage of young American actors with battle scenes repurposed from a Japanese show called Super Sentai. So despite claims that Lionsgate's 2017 reboot would be a "dark" and "unrecognizable" new spin on the franchise — and in spite of the fact that they cast Walter damn White as the Rangers' mentor Zordon — it was never going to fully shake its candy shell. As a trailer that premiered January 19 shows, there is no Power Rangers without some unintentional hilarity.

Or maybe Bryan Cranston's face pushed into a giant version of one of those old-school "pin art" things just oozes gravitas to you, and it's just us.


Set to Kanye West's "Power" (a somewhat odd choice, given Kanye's murkier-than-ever place on the popularity scale right now), the clip finds Becky G., Naomi Scott, Dacre Montgomery, RJ Cyler, and Ludi Lin as five "screw-ups" who stumble upon the magic coins that transform them into super strong kickpunch machines. We also meet the Bill Hader-voiced Alpha 5, and Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa. 

Like the Rita of earlier Power Rangers iterations, she's a goofy villain. But she would make a really cool singer in a nu-metal band.


Power Rangers is directed by Dean Israelite, who also helmed fellow "teens discovering life-altering technology" sci-fi movie Project Almanac, and hits theaters on March 24.

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