Brawling! Watching 82-year-old strippers! It’s all in a night’s fun for new bad girl in town Miley Cyrus.

Finally, something other than Cyrus’ really short, rebellious hairstyle is generating some chatter about the star. Sadly, though, it’s somewhat negative press, as Cyrus was reportedly involved in a club brawl, a claim her rep denies as “completely false and erroneous.”

TMZ reported that Cyrus was a suspect in a criminal battery case, stemming from an incident on Saturday (Sept. 8 ) at Hollywood club Beacher’s Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel. The alleged victim filed a police report on Sunday morning, claiming he and a friend were sitting behind Cyrus and fiancé Liam Hemsworth when things got interesting. The victim stated that he and his pals accidentally bumped into Liam’s chair, and that the situation got heated. Words were exchanged and an argument ensued.

The Aussie actor reportedly got all up in the victim’s grill and Cyrus intervened to try and soothe tensions, albeit after she pushed the victim and struck him in the face. Despite these claims, the victim had no visible injuries or markings.

A witness said Cyrus never threw a punch. What a little brawler if she did, though!

Turns out Miley was having a crazy night, as she enjoyed entertainment provided by an 82-year-old stripper, as well. The woman is billed as the world’s oldest stripper, so Cyrus had to take in the, uh, show.

Who knew Miley was so edgy, besides the hair and all? She got scrappy and defended her man, and enjoyed an octogenarian stripper. There is vid of her taking in the show, which is semi-NSFW.

Watch Miley Cyrus Taking in an 82-Year-Old Stripper Show