It was new tattoo time for Twitter selfie queen Miley Cyrus. The singer hit up celeb tattooist and Deadmau5's ex Kat Von D for a black and grey portrait tattoo on her forearm.

That's Miley's grandmother, which we know since Kat posted it as part of the caption of the work in progress. She wrote: "Grandmas rule. @mileycyrus #tattootime."

It was a love fest, with Kat saying how much she loved tattooing Miley – not a new occurrence, as they've linked up to ink up before—and Miley showing off the finished product.

Miley won't be able to cover that one up, as it's super visible and in a prominent place on her arm. But at least she always has her grandmother with her.

We're also digging Kat's skull bracelets, which you can see in the photo below during the process. The ink queen shared a photo of the tattoo as it developed and while she was etching it.