Continuing to stoke the fires of a feud that doesn't really exist (but soon could) between her and Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus posted some pictures of herself in bed cuddling with a cardboard likeness of newly-single singer Harry Styles -- and then got all pissy when people thought she actually had a thing for him or something.

Because as she's so eloquently said before, she's not the slutty one here.

Miley's little sister Noah turned 13 on Jan. 8 and got a whole bunch of Harry Styles merchandise as birthday presents, among them a cardboard cutout that Miley took to bed with her because she's saucy that way.

The photos went up on Miley's Twitter account along with the following tweet, which proved yet again that Miley refuses to learn the difference between a prostitute and a gardening tool.

After scores of her 11 million followers asked her wutwut, Cyrus then reminded the internet that she's engaged and not actually interested in the boy band member at all.

An enormous One Direction fan, Noah took things one step further and celebrated T-Swizzle's heartbreak by publicly assuming that the Swift/Styles breakup was a birthday gift from the gods.

Sorry, Edward Cullen cutout. There's a new Cardboard Sheriff in town.