Miley Cyrus' butt gets her in trouble. Not because she twerks and shakes that thing, but because she butt tweets and exposes private conversations and supposedly follows people accidentally. She blames her derriere for her follow of One Direction's Liam Payne.

Was Miley throwing some shade at the 1Der? It sounds like she did. Or maybe she's just being cute?

She then followed it up with this post: "I think I a—follow people sometimes." So it's her butt's fault.

Cyrus' attitude towards 1D has changed markedly in the past year. Cyrus is seeking urban cred -- she is homies with Kanye West, which she said in her Rolling Stone cover feature, after all-- so admitting to knowing who 1D are is the antithesis of that, in her mind.

But does anyone besides us remember those pics she tweeted of herself in bed with a cardboard cutout of Harry Styles?

Then she pretended to not know who they are, despite the above-referenced photographic evidence.

She also must have amnesia about hanging with Niall Horan in the studio. There's photo proof of that, too.

Maybe it was her butt that willed her to hang with the carboard Harry and the real, live, in studio Niall?

Just sayin'.