Miley Cyrus is not some ratchet white girl who was thisclose to dropping her last name as she seeks out mononymous pop stardom. She does, however, enjoy posing like a ratchet white girl pop star, showing off her rad body in photos she shared from her forthcoming spread in Notion.

Cyrus went the sexy route, wearing a sweater, white Granny panties, strappy black heels, some bling, scarlet-stained lips and not much else. Those are all the apparel pieces and accessories a girl needs.

She's sexy -- we'll give her that much.

Cyrus also shared a photo with her mom Tish, who recently reconciled with her dad Billy Ray after a second divorce filing. Lookin' good, Tish. She could pass for Miley's older sister, couldn't she?

The Cyrus women look pretty and crisp in summer whites, posing with their arms around one another by the beach. What a life. We're glad to see that they enjoyed some special Mommy + Me time together. We sorta dig Miley's blingy sneaks -- check 'em out.

As Cyrus dives into promoting her new album, the one that will house her hit 'We Can't Stop,' she will be around the fam less and less. So it's good that she engages in quality time now.