Believe it or not, these latest Miley Cyrus pictures are not outtakes from her over-the-top 'We Can't Stop' video. No, these crazy scenes of Miley with a monkey, wallaby and giant stuffed something-or-other are from the singer's actual life. (Yes, there's precedence.)

In this case, these latest photos were taken at a party in Las Vegas following her iHeartRadio Music Festival performance. You see her hanging with a dapper little monkey -- named Don, apparently -- who's actually wearing more clothes than Miley is. And, somehow, a wallaby gets a backstage invite as well, but it's super cute, so of course it did.

Things get a bit more surreal with Miley's tweets from early this morning (Sept. 24), though. Like Robin Thicke before him, Don is not immune from Miley's working the twerking, and he looks about as shocked:

And everyone knows that she loves giant stuffed bears (or whatever):

Maybe Miley tweeted these out to prove she isn't only crying over and seething at at Liam Hemsworth -- or maybe it's to show her actor ex how to really throw down in Sin City.

Whatever the reason, maybe she should ask Rihanna the dangers of posting pictures with animals.