In the latest round of Yahoo's Wild West Smackdown, Montana is pitted up against Wyoming in the battle of vacationing bragging rights.

The website did a side-by-side comparison of each state in numerous categories such as weather, famous faces, what to do, cities and culture.

According to Yahoo, Montana is:

...often called, “the Last Best Place.” Drink in the purest air, look up at the biggest sky, read the dozen great local writers, and in a sense you don’t need much else. There is a simplicity and self-confidence that Wyoming could never match, not with its bi-polar obsession over ranching on one side and those fancy pants ski slopes on the other.

And Wyoming features:

...the smallest population of any state, Wyoming is an empty place, with ranches the sizes of small European countries in the eastern plains, and some of the most ravishing mountains in the west.

Let's settle this, once and for all! Which state is the best? Sound off in the poll below.