The most Instagrammed place in Wyoming wound up being a place where many people snap pictures that are worth bragging about.  

According to the "Huffington Post", which analyzed the photo sharing service, we've been able to pinpoint the place that was Instagrammed most often in Wyoming in 2014.

Places like sports venues topped the chart...#1 in places like Alabama, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Landmarks  . . . like Disneyland in California, Disney World in Florida, and Times Square in New York made the cut.

But nature got a ton of pics as well . . . including the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Lake Champlain in Vermont and the one that got the most love in Wyoming...Old Faithful.

Wanna hear something sad? The most photographed landmark in Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Utah was an airport. Sorry about that, guys.