Well another season of Steelheading in Idaho! This time my phone decided to take a swim with one. That's about as close as I got to one.

It was a foggy morning to start, but was going to clear out and be a nice day. unfortunately the day before we arrived it rained which in Steelhead words means rough fishing. PLUS anytime I go Steelheading I expect to not catch anything. Fly Fishing for Steelhead is not easy. Idaho boasts some of the best inland Steelhead in the country. I want to give a big shout out to Clearwater River Guide Keith Henry for the trip. If you need a Steelhead trip booked, great company and the best guide.

We had been fishing for a few hours at this point when we spotted a half dead Steelhead slowly swimming by. I of course was so enthralled I wanted to touch it! But bit was dying so we just looked at it but as I was videoing on my phone, I dropped my rod with my brand new $229 reel and without thinking grabbed it with the hand I was holding the phone with. Lets just say I about cried, tried turning it off and it wouldn't even do that. So needless to say I have no pictures of the actual trip as they are on my watered down phone.

If I recover them I will share because the fall foliage in Idaho is just a bit different then here.



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