I know what you're thinking, We're in the middle of a snow storm, Jess! Don't show me pictures of people at the beach. But hear me out.

Ok, I get it. The weather conditions right now are certainly less than swimsuit-worthy. However, summertime is right around the corner. We will see warmer and sunnier temperatures, or at least we will travel to find them on summer vacations we've had planned since December.

That means time in the sun. And a risk for skin cancer.

I grew up in California and lived in the south for more than a decade. I'm used to bearing more skin during this time of year. Therefore, I have developed a habit of getting a skin cancer screening (sometimes offices will offer free screenings) each year. I grew up spending most of my days outdoors playing sports and such, so making sure I don't pay for my sun worshiping days is a big deal to me. In fact, last year I had a few "problem areas" that needed a "second opinion."

Which is why I recommend you get yourself checked out.

We spend a lot of time outdoors (when it's not threatening snow) in this beautiful state and many of us go unprotected. This is usually the time of year that I get mine, but you can find any time that works for you. I've been told countless times that skin cancer is incredibly dangerous, but it's also incredibly curable if found early.

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