Fall holds a lot of great things, football, great fly fishing, school starts and so does hunting seasons. Archery has been something I have really gotten into the last 8 months. I am not hunting quite yet but going out on adventures learning a lot and enjoying the journey.

This time I ventured out with my friend Ryan, who is a long time archery hunter and in a Traditional bow group that I have been attending a bit. He knows a lot about scouting and calling in the game which is something that I am interested in learning more about.

We hiked up the side of a ridged mountain about 3/4 of the way and just sat and waited. Then all of a sudden some pine cones began to fall from above and we knew there was an animal. I of course freeze and instantly go on acute hearing mode. Ryan saw something above and I thought I did but could more hear it then see. Ryan let out some cow calls and then waited and let out a bugle but to no avail did we get any response. Still cool to know that we had one above us and cool to be blended into there environment.

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