Amy Winehouse may be gone, but she’s not forgotten. The fallen songbird’s image appears in Nas‘ ‘Cherry Wine’ video, showing that her art will live on, even if she’s not longer physically with us.

Winehouse’s beehive, bustier and eyeliner are almost as iconic as her voice, and when she’s projected onto a brick wall in the bar of the ‘Cherry Wine’ clip, you remember just how moving she was at her prime.

In the video, Nas plays a bartender who has eyes for one particularly stunning patron. He flirts and puts a cherry in her drink. Soon, the lovely lady goes over to shoot pool and a smarmy-looking guy enters. He spots the hottie, removes his wedding band and proceeds to talk her up, much to Nas’ dismay. She dismisses the creep, though, and proceeds to her perch at the jukebox in the corner.

Still, someone so gorgeous isn’t lonely for long. Eventually she sprawls across a couch when another goodlooking but jerky looking guy comes up, sits next to her and gets way too touchy-feely. Nas looks bummed, but gets back to work.

The bodacious belle leaves the jerk in the dust, goes back to the jukebox and bides her time. It turns out, she’s Nas’ gal — they leave together at daybreak. Cute! The video closes with a tribute to Winehouse, whose hook is the biggest star on the track. Well done, Nas!

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