There’s no shortage of karaoke videos of people rapping to Chris Brown‘s braggadocios anthem ‘Look at Me Now.’ But how about making pancakes to the bouncy club track? That’s what Mac Lethal did in a video that he posted on YouTube.

The Kansas City, MO, rapper tries his skills at speed-rapping over Breezy’s hit while cooking his favorite breakfast food and drinking orange juice.

In the video, Lethal shows off his impressive lyrical dexterity over a hot stove and a microphone. He even manages to name-check Rihanna, Penn State scoundrel Jerry Sandusky, actor Danny DeVito and taxidermist Chuck Testa while flipping hotcakes like he’s at IHOP.

He spits, “Yellow cheese, eggs / White pancake batta / Put a little bit up on the skillet when it starts to bubble flip it over with your spatula / Yeah yeah, that s— looks like my breakfast / I gotta remember to flip the m—–f—er over after cookin’ it for 30 seconds / Ladies love me, I got my OJ.”

As he continues to cook, the nerdy emcee vows to make more creative raps and delicious flapjacks. “I’m gonna pucker up my lips till I barf / I’m gonna choke a f—in’ rapper in his hipster scarf / I’m never gonna put another piece of music out deliberately if it isn’t genuine and grips the heart / Winter’s hard, so have some pancakes,” he raps.

Lethal ends the video on a nice note with a message of condolence to the family of the late comedian Patrice O’Neal who died Tuesday (Nov. 29) from complications related to his stroke he suffered in October.

All and all, this is a funny viral-worthy video by Mac Lethal. Look at him now / Look at him now … He’s YouTube famous.

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Watch Mac Lethal Rap ‘Look at Me Now’ (While Cooking Pancakes)