Let me start by saying if you've never seen an episode of Archer, I honestly don't know what's wrong with you. It's the funniest cartoon I've ever seen. Partially, because I forget it actually IS a cartoon in the midst of watching. It boasts a pretty impressive voice cast (and that's not counting the almost weekly guest stars), as well as some very humorous adult joke content. I will say, if you're over 25, you're more likely to catch all, or at least most of the references.

Think of the shows as 007 (a.k.a. James Bond) meets Charlie Sheen's character in Two and a Half Men, all rolled up in one. Add in a superb supporting cast and you get FX's best show... in my opinion.

If you have seen Archer before, the Top Gun themed season premier trailer becomes that much more funny. If you haven't, I'd advise heading over to Hulu, YouTube or Netflix and checking it out seasons 1-3 right now.

You are welcome.