Billed as, “An off the grid network for your smart phone,” Beartooth works in remote locations. It's understatement to say that Wyoming has remote locations. In addition, we also have our share of hunters, hikers and fishers.

Beartooth is a handheld device that works in locations without cell service. Once it is paired to your phone, Beartooth uses Bluetooth for push to talk with a crew up to five miles away, or text up to ten miles.

The device/app also has topographic maps that are available offline, so they can stay with you on your crazy outdoor adventures. The maps are high resolution, so it's likely there's no need for breadcrumbs, homing pigeons, human leashes or whatever else you may use. It will start shipping for iPhone or Android use in December.

You can pre-order it off of kickstarter at 50 percent pricing.