Despite being called a sellout by the critics, Nicki Minaj vows to continue to push the boundaries when it comes to her music. “That’s just who I am. I was a theater major; I studied theater,” the rap queen told MTV News. “It’s funny because, even with the Grammys, that wasn’t the first time I’ve done theater.”

It’s her theatrics of late that has been some people are questioning whether Minaj is crossing over for pop stardom. However, the ‘Roman Reloaded‘ rapper feels her fans are crossing over to her rather than the other way around. “I guess I am pop culture just because what I’m doing seems to be popular,” she explains. “I don’t ask girls to wear pink hair; they just do it. It’s not about black or white; I think it’s just a statement. It doesn’t matter which color you are; it’s just a statement of being fearless.”

Judging by her album cover for ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ (due April 3), it looks like Minaj is ready to bring some color to the pop scene. The artwork is fun and vibrant, just like Nicki, herself. “April 3 is gonna be a doozy, it’s gonna be crazy,” she says. “It’s gonna be important for just hip-hop culture and pop culture. It’s gonna be very big.”

Hopefully, the music will quiet the critics.