If you are afraid of heights, you probably won't dig this commercial... at first. But if you crave the ultimate urban experience, then you'll love the new, extremely futuristic Nissan Qashqai spot. What's the song that's used while the SUV-loving protagonist is on the move and on the go?

It's Fatboy Slim's 'Right Here, Right Now,' which is the opening track on the EDM artist's second album, 'You've Come a Long Way, Baby' -- a hit-yielding record released in 1998. Along with Moby, Fatboy Slim was one of the biggest names on the late '90s EDM scene. Times have changed since then, but Fatboy Slim was certainly an early star.

It's thrilling and exciting to see that his song and his sound is still relevant some 15 years later. Who knew EDM would blew up as it has. But big ups to the car manufacturer's advertising agency and team for employing a "classic" song from the genre to advance the idea that adventure, nightlife and the ultimate urban experience are best accompanied by beat-driven music.