With no light trailer advisories posted throughout the state today, the Wyoming Highway Patrol wants motorists to know what that actually means.

Sgt. Stephen Townsend says WYDOT will post a "No Light Trailer" advisory when wind gusts exceed 50 mph.  This advisory is for vehicles of any size which have a profile that is subject to the wind gusts.  Drivers of these types of vehicles are advised not to travel as these strong wind gusts may result in a loss of control of their vehicle or the possibility that the vehicle may be blown over. There is no specific vehicle weight or type of vehicle associated with this advisory.

Townsend says when wind speeds exceed 65 mph WYDOT will post on the variable message signs that the roadway is closed to high profile and light weight vehicles.  These vehicles are those prone to being blown over by the strong winds such as high profile commercial vehicles, vehicles pulling trailers and recreational type vehicles.

Townsend says drivers of commercial vehicles who fail to observe this road closure notice and are involved in a crash due to the high winds may be cited by a Trooper for a violation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations for traveling during hazardous conditions. In either case, a driver of a high profile or light weight vehicle who is involved in a crash due to the high winds can expect to pay all recovery, towing and any cleanup costs associated with the crash and fees that may be incurred with repairing any damage caused to any public or private property.