The web-based dictionary of slang words and phrases known as Urban Dictionary contains nearly 5 million descriptions submitted by its users. To learn the actual meaning behind such words as "swag" and "YOLO", this would be your go-to source. However, when you type the name of our city into its search engine, you'll see that some people don't exactly have the kindest words to share about Casper.

1) Casper
It's a state out in the middle of nothingness. I'm surprised people actually live here. We have towns with no gas stations, no post offices, one trailor house and a population of 10. Main towns being, Casper and Cheyenne. (Example: Man #1 -Powell isn't a major town..I know I live there.
Man #2- Dude, Wyoming sucks...)


2) Casper
A hardscrabble, desolate, windswept dump masquerading as a state. It is populated by uncouth, uneducated, oafish, doltish, unfashionable, unattractive, not particularly friendly and often quite frightening cretins. I unconditionally guarantee you that you have never seen so many squalid trailer parks or filthy pickup trucks. It is cold and the roads, which invariably feature potholes the size of Utah every two feet, are ice covered and dangerous for many months out of the year. This inhospitable place is as tough on tires and cars as it is on its sad, marginalized residents. There are "ground blizzards" which often make the already ridiculously faded lines marking the road lanes impossible to distinguish. There is only one university in the state - though tiny Wyoming Catholic College did open last year, making two institutions where one might pursue an academic degree higher than the Associate of Pipeline Welding. Meth use plagues the already traumatized populace, lending an ugly, menacing aura to many Wyomingites.
You will find them (men, women and children alike) to be an incredibly foul-mouthed lot. It is one of only two states in the U.S. with no gay bar. There are three malls in the state - in Cheyenne, Casper and Rock Springs. They are little more than glorified WalMarts, however. You will find no Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus, or even a Pottery Barn, be assured. Tattoos abound. Bookstores don't. Bad teeth do, along with stringy hair.


3) Casper
Screamed in agony by someone who moves to Wyoming before realizing it sucks the life out of you. (Example: Man falls to his knees, ripping out his hair which is quickly blown to Nebraska: "Why? Oh My God, Why?" hense:Why?OMG)


We aren't entirely sure who or why anyone would say such things about our hometown, but it's safe to say that not everyone is a fan. The question is, which definition, if any, closely resembles Casper the most? Better still, do YOU have a better way to describe our city than what you've read above? Perhaps you can do us all a favor and submit your own definition of Casper for a more accurate representation.