More than two years after they released ‘Of the Blue Colour of the Sky,’ OK Go are still releasing music videos for the album. And why not, since they’re so good at creating innovative visuals? The latest is a clever dancing video for ‘Skyscrapers.’

The band actually gets a break this time — they’re not even in the clip. Instead, dancer Moti Buchboot and director Trish Sie tango for four minutes. Initially, they wear black as they appear in front of a black building and start to dance. When they back out of the camera’s view, the video cuts to a new shot of the couple wearing red and dancing in front of a red building. The colors and wardrobe changes continue throughout the video.

‘Skyscrapers’ appears to be much simpler than some of OK Go’s previous videos, since there are no treadmill dance routines or meticulously choreographed rally car driving courses. But it’s deceptively complex, with the dancers moving in and out of the frames to make it appear like one continuous shot. And with 16 outfit changes by our count, the wardrobe costs for this shoot must have been astronomical!

‘Skyscrapers’ is one of the most Prince-like tracks on an album full of musical references to ’1999′ and ‘Purple Rain.’ Fans with a Nintendo 3DS can watch the video in 3D on that device.

Watch the OK Go ‘Skyscrapers’ Video