Part of the appeal of ABC’s fairytale drama ‘Once Upon A Time‘ lies in its inclusion of multiple fairytale characters, from Disney to Grimm, all in one story. The second season alone has featured the introductions of Mulan, Captain Hook and Lancelot, with the potential for others such as the Aladdin characters going forward, but what, if any characters are out of bounds? Could the series manage to include even recent Disney creations, like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’s’ Jack Sparrow?

‘Once Upon A Time’ manages to stay unique while incorporating a wealth of fairytale characters, from both Disney and classic literature alike, but are their limits to the character selection? Entertainment Weekly recently had the opportunity to run a number of classic characters by showrunners Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz to see if their inclusions were possible, perhaps most surprising of all is that of legendary ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ swashbuckler, Johnny Depp‘s Captain Jack Sparrow!

While Kitsis expressed that “We loved ['Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl'] so much,” even he had to question “unless we get Johnny Depp, how could we do Jack Sparrow?” Horowitz expressed a similar sentiment, though Kitsis was quick to offer up that if “Johnny Depp [wants to appear on] ‘Once Upon a Time,’ then we will write Jack Sparrow all day!”

Of course, plenty of other famous names are ripe for the picking, whether or not ‘Once Upon A Time’ includes them anytime soon. EW confirmed to be in-bounds everyone from Robin Hood, to Tarzan, to ‘Little Mermaid’ Ariel, even suggesting Tron and Mary Poppins as future possibilities. Less likely, however, are characters of the more historical variety, like Genghis Khan, Achilles or Sherlock Holmes.

For even more potential names, check out the article above, and tell us what fable characters you’d like to see included on ‘Once Upon A Time’ in the future!