Boys will boys, or in One Direction‘s case, they will try to be boys! The adorable group was planning to catch buxom blonde Holly Madison, a former Playmate,’ an ex-’Girl Next Door’ and onetime lead girlfriend of Playboy head honcho Hugh Hefner, at her Las Vegas Strip show, dubbed ‘PeepShow.’ But they were banned from doing so. Not because of their ages or the content, but because their tour manager simply couldn’t carve time out of their busy schedule for the show. Foiled!

The Daily Star reported that the bosses at the MGM planned to roll out the red carpet for Harry Styles and his boys, but to no avail. “One Direction are not happy. The MGM chiefs offered them the works, and Holly loves the boys. She wanted to give them a special show and even get them backstage to meet all the girls,” a source said (quotes courtesy of TVNZ).

Apparently, seeing Holly’s show was of particular interest to Styles. The insider said, “Harry especially would have been like a kid in a candy shop. But they are not able to fit in the show and make the schedule for Phoenix.”

Reportedly, 1D were hoping for a little break and planned to blow off some steam by taking in the show, since the tour of the States has been hectic and they’ve been all go-go-go and working nonstop.

Even though they boys have millions of teenage girls, aka Directioners, shrieking their names and hyperventilating at the sight of them, they still wanted to have a little adult fun. The source continued, “For most of the time in the States it’s been all work for the lads and not much play. This would have been a nice distraction.”

But ’twas not meant to be. Next time!

We applaud the boys of 1D for being consummate professionals and choosing to stick to their work schedule even if it meant sacrificing fun.

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