One Direction took some heat recently and were accused of allegedly drinking alcohol while onstage during their concert. Whoa! Were they?!

The rumors began to pick up steam when a video (and a GIF) surfaced of 1Ders Niall Horan and Liam Payne sipping from the same water bottle and making a face after swallowing.

Given the strong constitution of alcoholic bevvies, the boys' reaction to taking a sip was what sparked the rumors that they were consuming a libation on the sly.

Those nasty rumors eventually made it to the band and Horan went on Twitter to shoot down the rumors and to declare that he and his mates were not drinking while performing! As if.

"I'm clearing this one up now! This bull about us being drunk on stage! No way is that true !ever ever! Who is making this s--- up?," he posted.

Internet trolls and haters, Niall, that's who.

While 1D have shed some of their clean cut image with the tattoos they've been collecting, they are not taking to drinking or getting sloshed while performing. They are way too professional for that.

Case closed.