Harry Styles of One Direction is a heartthrob in a weird way -- he's got dimples you can swim in and an adorable mop of curls, making him both puppy dog adorbs and really hot at the same time. Apparently those curls are part of the appeal. In fact, a TV host actually says that Harry's hair "smells like sex." Wait, what?!

Hollywood Life reports that Jack Whitehall met Styles at actor James Corden's wedding, and Whitehall understands Styles' hottie status because of the encounter. “Well, you see, ‘meet’ suggests that we had a conversation, maybe threw out a couple of anecdotes and by the end felt like we knew each other. What actually happened when I ‘met’ Harry Styles was that I was a bit drunk and I grabbed him and I sort of hugged him, smelled his hair and then one of his management ushered me away," Whitehall explained. "But I got a picture and that’s all that counted. His hair smells like the first leaves of autumn, that really fresh smell. And sex.”

That may explain why he was able to win Taylor Swift over again after playing her out in the spring, right?

Whitehall isn't even the only guy out there who's in awe of Hazza's young Mick Jagger swagger. Pal Ed Sheeran actually said that Harry's well-endowed. (That doesn't mean there was any funny business going on there -- it's important to remember that Harry has a habit of running around naked everywhere he goes.)

“I turned around and Harry was stripped off and completely naked, just sitting there laughing,” Sheeran said back in August. “Literally, I was looking out of the window, watching cars go past. I turn around, all the boys are kind of shocked, and there’s just him laughing, completely naked ... He’s packing heat, yeah. He’s packing heat.”

Man, life just isn't fair, is it gentlemen? Some guys have all the luck. Someone needs to bottle that boy's pheromones and sell it to the everyman to even the playing field!

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