That Harry Styles. The One Direction hunk is quite a charmer. Just ask Taylor Swift or a hotel maid. Wait, what? Hazza dated a hotel maid? No, no, no. But he did convince her to record a sex noise for 1D's next album. He's a naughty boy, that Hazza.

The band was recording in a hotel and wanted to enhance a song with some orgasmic female noises as opposed to a sound effect, so Styles improvised.

According to The Sun, Hazza said, "We needed a, you know, a groan on one of the songs. So I asked a lady at the hotel to record the 'Urgghhhhh!' She was nervous at first but soon got into the swing of it."

The boys have been working on the follow up to 'Take Me Home' while on tour. They've been doing their best with hotel set ups, creating makeshift studios with mics and speakers. It may not have been optimal, but it was necessary, with Louis Tomlinson saying, "We had to do it that way or there’d be no time."

The 1D boys got super creative when road recording, with LT revealing, "We stuck the mattresses against the walls for the acoustics." Clever!

One Direction did have their fair share of interruptions while trying to work. It wasn't fans -- who they could have recruited for those sexy noises, mind you -- but hotel staff. Styles said, "We’d be recording the best vocal ever -- you’re thinking, ‘I’m really smashing this!’ -- then there’d be a huge knock on the door and you’d get, ‘Room service!’ or ‘Housekeeping!’ We’d be, like, ‘Nooooo!’ and have to start again."

Oh, the perils of recording while on the road. At least it means we get the new album sooner than later. Accentuate the positive.