We can pretty much expect an epic Directioners vs. Beliebers war to ensue over this clip, even though the boys of One Direction were put in an awkward and precarious position at the 2014 BRIT Awards (Feb. 19). They were asked to comment on Justin Bieber's mounting legal issues in the most uncomfortable and public way possible, since the singer was the butt of the joke.

The boys were diplomatic and classy despite this nonsense!

Show host James Corden put 1D on the spot, sitting at their table for a moment during the ceremony, saying, "Let's talk a little bit about Justin Bieber. I know you know him. Niall, who was the first here to get in touch and visit him in prison?"

Niall Horan responded with a hearty chuckle. The Biebs was arrested and held in jail, but he has not been sent to long-term prison. Maybe that's why the blond cutie giggled? Or was it just a nervous reaction?!

Corden continued, "Did you tell him what guys do to people who look like him in prison? Did anyone send him a text, Louis, just saying lay off the bong?"

Louis Tomlinson quickly pushed it off on his bandmate, saying, "Uh, Zayn, did you…?" But before Zayn Malik could say anything, Corden asked if 1D had any messages to relay to The Biebs.

"Keep strong and keep doing what you are doing, Bizzle," LT said.

Now that's how you wiggle out of an uncomfortable line of questioning, people!

The Biebs changed his Instagram handle to "Bizzle" recently, so that's likely what Louis was referencing. We're lovin' LT's hair lately, BTW!

Now, can we just ask Beliebers to not start social media war with Directioners over this? The boys were as polite and as dignified as they could be and it's not like they brought it up.