It seems as though One Direction are setting the bar pretty high by titling their newest single 'Best Song Ever.' We kid, we kid. We're sure this track will probably put almost every other pop song to shame, so yeah, it may actually be the best song ever.

The single, which will be available on iTunes on Monday July 22, will be released in anticipation of 1D's movie 'This Is Us.' But will fans have to wait until July 22 to hear even a short snippet of the track? No way! Fans got a small taste of the song in the newest trailer for the boys' documentary. 'Best Song Ever' kicks in at about the 2:30 mark, for those who are so excited that they can't possibly entertain the idea of watching the whole entire trailer.

The boys also announced that they will open the 2013 Teen Choice Awards with a performance of their new single 'Best Song Ever.' The performance, which airs on Aug. 11 on FOX, will mark the television debut of the track. Any and all Directioners better tune in if they want to see an important piece of the band's history go down!

Hurry up July 22, so we can hear this track in full already!