One Direction's token Irishman is taken! Who's the lucky lady who stole Niall Horan's heart?

Apparently it's aspiring Irish model Zoe Whelan, a stunning brunette. A source told The Sun (via Contact Music), "Niall has been secretly seeing Zoe for a couple of months after he met her backstage. She's a Dubliner but is based in London to work on her modelling career. Zoe's traveled all over the U.K. to meet up with Niall on the band's tour."

While the relaysh is new to the rest of us, apparently it's pretty serious already. "The biggest sign he's really serious about her is that he introduced her to his whole family at his brother's wedding," the source revealed. "Zoe's the first girlfriend Niall has brought back to his hometown of Mullingar since making it big, so it was a big deal and the talk of his family at the wedding."

Whelan is already facing the wrath of jealous Directioners on Twitter, but she seems to be handling it relatively gracefully. You can see some of the harassment below -- kids, don't try this at home. It's not nice, and it won't get you any closer to Nialler!


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