One Direction's clean-cut image is slowly becoming a thing of the past as the boys continue to cover their hot bodies in tattoos. A day after Harry Styles visited Shamrock Tattoo in Los Angeles to get a large (and familiar) ship etched onto his arm with his GF Taylor Swift by his side, three other 1Ders hit the same shop to get inked. So, who got what?

On Wednesday (Dec. 19), the boys noshed on pizza and got ink. Zayn Malik had the bottom half of his arm below his elbow sleeved. It's a thick band of art around his arm, with his previous "ZAP!" and microphones tattoos being the centerpiece.

Louis Tomlinson, whose birthday is next week, had a compass added to his right forearm, which features other random tattoos. A compass, huh? In which direction will it point? How about in ...One Direction?

Liam Payne, who has previously inked arrows on his arm, accompanied his mates, but played pool and did not appear to add to his tattoo collection.

The boys were in Los Angeles to perform 'Kiss You' on the 'X Factor' season finale, which they did last night (Dec 20). They seem to collect tattoos whenever they are in the U.S. The folks that run Shamrock are undoubtedly pleased by all the publicity that comes from having such famous clients. They probably don't love the horde of shrieking Directioners that congregates outside while they are trying to work.

Didja know that blond cutie Niall Horan is reportedly the only member of 1D who is ink-free? He joked that he has a tribute to Simon Cowell on his bum, though. We're not touching that with a 10-foot pole.

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