"If it wasn't for Louis [Tomlinson], we'd be the most boring band in the world," One Direction's Niall Horan declares in this bonus clip from the DVD edition of the band's first film 'This Is Us.'

The singer continues, "But at the same time, he knows the balance between having a laugh and getting the job done."

Bam! All work and no play, or all play and no work, would make LT a dull boy!

In this minute-long "extras" clip, Directioners get a pull-back-the-curtain perspective of LT, who is considered the wildman and the most fun member of the fivesome. Each of his bandmates espouses what they love about him, and then we see a little bit of LT in action, hootin', hollerin' and havin' fun.

We're told that his brain is like that of a weird comedian and that he is enjoying himself as 1D take over the world.

Then Liam Payne muses about how something "was a good idea until I involved Louis!" That's the most telling moment of all.

We so want to hang out with LT. He has great hair, too!