UPDATE: The video was taken down!!! [Crying... sad face]

The bonus DVD feature and footage from One Direction's upcoming movie 'This Is Us,' in multiplexes on Aug. 30, is here for your viewing pleasure.

In it, Niall Horan offers a tour of the venue while empty, while Harry Styles gets involved in a "pretty heavy cake fight" backstage. OMG! Who wouldn't want to smear icing all over Taylor Swift's ex? Swoon. That literally is sweet, right?

The most important room of the whole tour? Catering! Harry also trashes the dressing room, of which Liam Payne later offers a tour. Can we say that we love seeing Niall get his hair done?

We also see the boys at Madame Tussauds for their wax figure impressions and doing radio interviews. Louis Tomlinson gets contemplative when finding out they were No. 1, as does Zayn Malik. It's a rare "heavy" moment during 19 minutes of otherwise fun, fun, fun footage. That's it. We're changing their name from "One Direction" to "Fun Direction."

They are also backstage at The Brits in some of the footage.

Overall, it's certainly a keyhole look into the life of 1D.

The boys also issued a Vine video where Harry and Niall worked on their golf swings, like fine, upstanding gentleman who do other things besides rock out! See some photos from the golf green, too!

Watch Harry Styles + Niall Horan Work on Their Golf Swings