Warning: These videos contain lots of shirtless, sweaty scenes of One Direction working out and getting in shape, as well as dirty dancing. Grab an oxygen tank, Directioners! Because all of this footage will take your breath away! Swoon.

One Direction work hard, playing hundreds of shows per year, so they have to stay in shape and keep their stamina up for their gigs by exercising regularly.

Liam Payne points out that they jump around like lunatics while performing and they will have to run down a catwalk on next summer's stadium tour, so they have to keep in shape or they won't be "on" it. Can we just say that we lurve that our boys are already thinking about the production for their 2014 summer tour?!

The exercise video finds them all in various states of activity and doing things like boxing, treadmills, and more.

Niall Horan did a bunch of squats, saying he'll have an a-- like Kim Kardashian, while Harry Styles said he is training to be Thor. Zayn Malik even whipped Payne for a sec. Kinky?! No, all in good fun.

We didn't see much of Louis Tomlinson, save for his dancing.

Enjoy this footage of hunks in shape!

We've also included a video of the boys dirty dancing to 'Talk Dirty to Me' by Jason Derulo. Be still our thunderously beating hearts.

1D also engaged in a brief rap session with Ryan Seacrest at their record release party in L.A. Ryan can't rap; neither can the 1D dudes!

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