Why do One Direction cuties Harry Styles and Zayn Malik look shocked in the photo above? Those are probably the faces they made when their accountant told them how much their band is worth. Trust us -- it's a lot of coin. A lot.

A billion bucks! That's how much One Direction are worth. We can't even.

Although their mentor Simon Cowell is in the middle of some illicit baby mama drama, as he reportedly knocked up the wife of a friend, he is a brilliant and rich man, since he put the 1D boys together and they are worth a billi!

E! reports that by the time 2013 wraps, Harry and Zayn and Niall and Liam and Louis will be worth that massive figure.

Even more astonishing is the fact that more than half of their worth is from concert ticket sales. Ya hear that, Directioners? You did this!

Album sales, the upcoming 'This Is Us' film, DVDs and branded merch -- you know, notebooks and t-shirts with the boys' mugs on 'em -- also factor into the tally.

It's good to be in 1D. Or 1B, for a billion.

In other 1D happs, Liam Payne has admitted that his bandmate Zayn Malik is a very attractive woman, since he donned drag for the band's 'Best Song Ever' video.

“When I walked in he was full on frontal nude with boobs out," Liam said, recalling the experience. "It was the weirdest experience of my life…We didn’t know what Zayn was going look like as a woman. So we walk into this room and he’s just standing there with his breasts out. So it was quite strange to look at. Zayn with breasts. But he’s quite an attractive woman."

Zayn with breasts? Allow us to shake our heads at the thought...again!