We know you all love One Direction, but Directioners and paparazzi -- please give the boys a break! Zayn Malik and Liam Payne in particular could use a little more consideration.

In a new interview, Zayn explained that he can't have silly, childlike fun much anymore (at least not in public) because of the scrutiny he'll get for it. He particularly misses jungle gyms and ball pits. Yes, you read that right.

"The fact that you could literally go anywhere, say anything and no one will judge you for it," he vented. “Now, if I was seen going to do something stupid like go to a kids’ playhouse or something to be childish, people would look at me strangely.” Can someone please rent out a private Chuck E. Cheese for our boy?

Poor Zayn hasn't had an easy time lately. Aside from everything the entire band does being subject to the microscope that comes with superstardom, he's also had to deal with racial slurs and religious bigotry. Geez, if people aren't going to be nice, you'd at least hope they'd stop being ignorant.

Meanwhile, Zayn's bandmate Liam Payne, who's expressed concern for him in the past, is having a hard time of his own lately. He recently went on a small Twitter venting spree about aggressive Directioners. The boys love their fans, but sometimes they get too excited and get out of hand -- and that becomes a problem not just for the band, but for their security, who wind up having to whisk them away.

He explained, "If you guys werr calm we would be able to stop but whenever we stop it just gets crazy nd i dont want any1 to get hurt."

He assured fans that he appreciates them, but sometimes they're overwhelming: "Guys i do really appriciate your support and love you all but sometimes it all gets too crazy for me."

He was quick to point out that he loves when Directioners are normal and calm, though, so don't be discouraged from saying hey -- just relax! "So nice to go out and say hi," he wrote, adding, "see i told u if ur calm we can do whatever and that has really made my dayyyyyyy!!!!"

It's not the first time Liam's had issues with overeager Directioners. Vitriol from fans was said to be a factor in his split from longtime girlfriend Danielle Peazer, and he's previously had to actually ask Directioners to stop stalking him. Guys, give them some space!

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