Your looks and how you feel about your hair really should not affect your work, but for some ladies it really does. Enough to call in SICK to work. 

According to this new survey, one in THREE girls believe that if they were not feeling perfect with the way they dressed or the way they looked then it could affect their career.

And while it is hard to tell if whether their looks truly DO mess with their chances of success in the workplace, there does seem to be some pressure that goes along with it.

Here are some other findings from the study.

1.  One in 10 women have not shown up to work or called in sick because they were having a bad hair day.

2.  Over a third of women cancelled plans with their friends or family because they didn't feel pretty.

3.  10% have canceled a date.

4.  And 5% have hidden inside and refused to go out in public at ALL.

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