Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has come a long way since his days in the WWE. As of the end of year 2017, he is the second highest paid actor in the world (a mere three million dollars behind first place Mark Walhberg). His latest blockbuster, Rampage, is loosely based on the 1986 video game of the same name.

I took my two teenage sons to see the rated PG-13 film over the weekend. Having only seen a few trailers on YouTube, I still knew this was one of The Rock's movies. I was also a fan of the old arcade and Atari versions of the game, so I figured "why not?". My boys were super excited and enjoyed the bulk of the crude humor and violence that comes from a movie of this caliber.

*no serious spoilers ahead, but be cautious if you want everything to be a surprise*

My kids and I (along with seemingly the entire theater), were shocked when the words Casper, Wyoming popped up on the screen in big, bold letters, less than thirty minutes into the film. Although a few characters had mentioned Wyoming in the dialogue (one even cracked a half-hearted joke), it was still a shock.

Although there was no real proof it was shot in Wyoming (or Casper for that matter), it didn't really look like it. It was all forest and mountains. While it could have been somewhere atop Casper Mountain, there was really no way to tell. It sure didn't look like any view or angle I've ever seen whilst flying over the city. Plus you couldn't see the city at all. That seemed highly unlikely from a helicopter, especially when you can see all of Casper from the Events Center and that's not even that high up.

It was still cool we got mentioned. My kids thought so at least.

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