Patrick Carney, drummer for alternative band The Black Keys, is taking shots at Justin Bieber again and he's not mincing words.

Back in February, Carney engaged with Justin and his Beliebers in a Twitter war after Carney told TMZ regarding Bieber's Grammys snub, “I dunno. He’s rich, right? Grammys are for like, music, not for money. And he’s making a lot of money. He should be happy.”

Bieber responded by suggesting that Carney needed to be "slapped around."

Carney then changed his Twitter profile to have a Justin Bieber theme. He then taunted Bieber by posting pictures of Bieber's face superimposed on various photos of himself. This caused outraged Bieber fans to tweet harsh words to the drummer.

In an interview with Rolling Stone to be published next month, Carney continues the beef by speaking out on the pop star and he doesn't hold back on his thoughts.

"Justin Bieber, like a f-----g irresponsible a-----e, sicced 40 million Twitter followers on me because I paid him a compliment he didn't understand," says Carney in the interview.

A compliment? Carney explains, "I'm saying that he should be grateful that he has a f-----g career in music. And he shouldn't be f-----g telling his followers to slap me, and then also be doing anti-bullying bulls--. It's so irresponsible."

He rants more on Bieber, saying, "I mean, Justin Bieber is a f-----g moron. And that's the gist of what I was saying. And then he goes and says I should be slapped? Honestly, I feel bad for him. Every single person who works with him should f-----g be embarrassed that they don't. . . No one is doing him any favors, you know? And honestly, I don't dislike his music. I don't listen to his music, but he needs to not conduct himself that way. Like, really, you make millions of dollars playing music, you should feel f-----g lucky."

Carney unleashes a lot more NSFW hate in the interview, which you can read here. All we can say is Carney should probably prepare to get a whole new horde of Beliebers who will defend their favorite singer to no end.