Madonna is still dealing with the fallout from the EDM community over comments she made, rather innocuously, at her surprise appearance at the Ultra Music Festival last weekend, where she assisted DJ Avicii and said that electronic music is a huge part of her career and her life.

But then Madge asked the crowd if they had seen “Molly,” which is a street term for ecstasy, a drug that has had a long history and association with the dance genre. It sparked a Twitter war with Deadmau5 last week during Madge’s short stint on the social networking site, which she joined for a single day to promote ‘MDNA.’

Even though Madge and Deadmau5 made up online, EDM vet Paul van Dyk called the comment “the biggest mistake of her career.”

That’s a bit much, no?

Van Dyk further commented to Billboard, saying, “I don’t think she was thinking much. The only thing she was probably thinking was, ‘I need to connect with a young crowd,’ and she made the biggest mistake of her career. Madonna was so stupid to actually call out drug abuse in front of a crowd of 18-year-olds. This is not what our music is about. It’s really counterproductive.”

Madge backpedaled after the hullabaloo ensued, saying it was a reference to a song called ‘Have You Seen Molly.’

Clearly, electronic artists are sensitive about the stereotypes surrounding their preferred genre and they’re well within their rights to feel that way, but Madge has been a muckraker and a cultural lightning rod who has challenged norms throughout her whole career. We’re pretty certain that comment will not be remembered as the moment at which she jumped the shark.